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Garmin Range Finder Approach Z80 Review

Garmin Approach Z80

Garmin Approach Z80

Garmin is well known worldwide for high-quality GPS sat nav, fitness and outdoor products. And there is no different with their new Approach Z80 rangefinder for golf players. The sat nav by Garmin has precisely provided positions, directions, and distances in different parts of the world for years. However, the Approach Z80 sparks a revolution, as it marks Garmin’s first move to the arena of laser rangefinders for golfing.

The Z80 is not just a regular laser rangefinder, as Garmin normally is full of surprises, it includes a great field of quality GPS information which gets rid of doubts with regards to your shot outs, when on the golf course.


Garmin’s Nous GPS
The Garmin brand is definitely high end when it also relates to the application of GPS technology to the golf courses. They are leaders in the market of wearable sports devices like the Approach S60, that makes use of GPS to give reliable distances from one location of the golfing course to where you desire the ball to end. Continue reading

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